Longboard Chris

Rare in itself; a picture of me. More rare, still; taken with my own camera.

What also makes this picture somewhat unique and, perhaps, most fitting, is that it was taken by Adeuri Corniel. We were enjoying a little playtime with the camera after a shoot.

Adeuri. Friend, supporter; inspiration. A dyed-in-the-wool Cabarete kiter he's, now, a professional major league player in the sport. I've known him since his current status was his boyhood dream.


I got my first 35mm camera when I was ten years old. Forty years later I'm still as passionate about photography. I'm old-school in many ways but the creative process keeps me young. The thrill of catching a good shot is as potent now as it was in the beginning.

The transition from paying hobby to full-time freelancing happened back in 2016. All kinds of work came my way but the lions share was from the kite community. Prior to 2014 I didn't even know kiting existed. Currently based in Cabarete on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, I spend most of my work and leisure time on Kite Beach.

When forces combine, amazing things can happen. Part of the joy, for me, is feeling the abundance of positive energy which flows from my kite clients as they hurl themselves around on the water. When the wind's up and the adrenaline's pumping, we feed off one another's excitement. It's at times like that where it goes beyond simply being a job.

I get a similar rush whatever the subject matter. Snagging a good shot is like catching a big fish. Whether it's a beginners kite lesson or a pros acrobatics, a cozy couple or large family, a birth or even a memorial, the thrill of the chase is ever present.

The passion extends far beyond lens time, too. The first review, the selection and the editing process are all consuming and just as much fun. Back in the old darkroom days there was always the waiting time between the picture being taken and the final results. That wait still happens and, despite it being over far sooner these days, the feeling of excited anticipation is still there.

I take on a substantial degree of responsibility in some of my work and I treat it extremely seriously. Suffice it to say I've had experiences as a photographer which have been nothing less than life changing. Ultimately, knowing I've made someone happy completes my day and so much more.

One final note: 'Longboard Chris' refers to my experience on longboards; the skate variety. It's been my handle on social media for quite some time.


(et al)


It's only a name. It just so happens that my current place in the Universe best befits it; or it befits me? Either way, most of my working time is spent shooting kites so I thought I'd make it the central hub for all of my creative activities. Longboat Chris and Deep C, other names I've used for years, will also make an appearance. After time I may restructure things but, for now, I'm happy.

If it all becomes one thing, eventually, it'll probably be Deep C. That's where I began my online life. That name has everything to do with some of what's on my Soundcloud profile and nothing to do with photography. You will see 'Deep C' on a few pictures in due course. Sometimes, names stick.

I chose 'Kiteshooter' for several reasons. First and foremost; it does what it says on the label. I felt it almost states the obvious. I thought it would be relatively easy to remember, spell and pronounce (including for those whos mother tongue isn't English). Lastly, the word 'shooter', certainly, in some parts, tends to linger in peoples minds. Given the popularity of the sport [kiting], I'm surprised it wasn't already taken at the time I had the idea.